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Featured Projects

The Hottest Show

There’s tons of radio shows to choose from and a myriad of information out there, but we only have a handful of hours each day for entertainment. By choosing Musical Artizan Live Radio as your favorite Radio Station, you will immediately be exposed to all the latest developments around the world. We don’t only cover entertainment, we’re committed to keeping you informed about everything worth knowing. That’s why we’re the best listening choice for everyone.

A Flute story Joe Yeatman

Ever since we started Musical Artizan Radio we have been inundated with submissions the most recent of which is Joe Yeatman 

Joe Yeatman's A flute story is a native tale about how the native American flute came into existence 


Small Victories Ivar Sigurbergsson

Another of our regular submitters is Ivar Sigurbergsson. His song is upbeat and rocky with lyrics to match.


A Classical Radio Show

I was amazed that this show reached 75th in the global charts

Featuring, some of the best classical composers musicians and, performers around 

This show is packed with interest and adventure from the very start 

A must listen 

classical radio show.png

Terry Mack aka Windweaver

In this show Terry Mack the Windweaver gives us the inspiration behind 3 of her songs Aerial Wondering, Moonlit Reflections, and Lazy Sundown.

Her bright enthused descriptions are well worth a listen 


Larry Gindhart

Larry Gindhart produces some amazing music with native instruments  promoting health and healing with his signature sound 

His music always leaves one uplifted and calm. The relaxing tones of his music never fail to soothe the mind and heart


Ronan Furlong

I would like to introduce Ireland's own Ronan Furlong. His thought-provoking music always inspires promoting self-reflection and thought. 


Introducing Navota Krull

Navota  Krull produces enjoyable Native American style music. The use of the NASF ( Native American Style Flute ) in the songs on offer is always interesting and varied.